About Us
The company performs as a mediator provider of efficient business cooperation between the local and foreign corporate business partners.

Our key objective is to create the common view on the problem being solved by local executives and foreign investors. We provide the service for creating the system of everyday financial clarifying and efficient management.

Assets selection and investment project management are our main facilities.

Project supervisor
I strongly believe that the key to successful business is everyday steps to create the common business viewpoint by the Owner, the Board and Senior Executives.

Running a business is not the same as driving a car looking at the back mirror. You need to know the state of your own business right now and in the foreseeable future but not in the past. And that is what I am responsible for to assist the executives to look ahead avoiding pitfalls and making the valuable solutions working on the owner's side.

Related fields:
Strategic financial management. Finance organizing. Investment management. Leading M&A. Corporate structure optimization. Implementation of beneficial automatization systems for business process optimization.
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